Top 10 hóa chất khử mùi hôi Toilet, nhà vệ sinh tốt nhất (Mới)

– Strong fishy smell, stench: Usually due to dirt in the toilet.

– No time to clean the house and toilet: Leads to a moldy, smelly situation.

– The area to be deodorized is too large: Usually the whole building.

– Special areas such as landfills, public toilets.

– Need to deal with odors quickly, immediately.

Except for the above cases, of course. You should not use Chemical deodorant Toilet, toilet. Because in general, these products can be harmful and toxic if not used properly. Below are some chemicals that Hung Phat Company introduces to readers.

Top 10 best deodorant chemicals for Toilets and toilets - 1

Top 10 deodorant chemicals Toilet, toilet

When it is necessary to use chemicals. You can also consider using the best ones like:

Klenco Power Floral

Supposedly one of the Chemical deodorant Toilet, toilet most effective today. The characteristic strawberry scent lasts for 2 days. Packed in 5 or 20 liters for your choice.

Helps to deodorize toilets, landfills, hospitals, etc. Has excellent bactericidal ability, long lasting scent. Normal use ratio 1:4 for smelly areas, for evaporation with 1:5, floor and wall cleaning at a ratio of 1:40, room cleaning 1:80, carpet cleaning 1:120.

Power Lime

Also another product line of Klenco. Bringing sterilization ability is extremely appreciated by users. With a characteristic lemon scent, it helps to deodorize floor mats, landfills, and toilets very well.

Power Lime is often mixed with a 1:5 ratio to eliminate musty odors and prevent disease. The 1:50 ratio can also be used to clean floors, disinfect walls and toilet walls. Of course, when using these two products, you need to wear full gloves, masks, boots…

Top 10 best deodorant chemicals for Toilets and toilets - 2

Power BAC

Power BAC is also a product line of Klenco. But focus more on toilet deodorizer. Often used to deodorize toilets, with the ability to quickly deodorize, kill 99% of bacteria. Bring a clean, fragrant toilet.

Power DEO

Power DEO comes in tablet form, mint flavor. So often used in urinals, toilets and extremely economical. The product can also be placed in wardrobes and shoes to deodorize, disinfect, and remove musty odors.

If your house has flies, mice, cockroaches, centipedes… why not buy Power DEO. Worry about mice gnawing, cockroaches, and diarrhea will no longer appear.

Power EZN

The final product of Klenco I introduce in this article. The combination of microorganisms helps metabolize organic matter, bacteria cause odors. So in contrast to the Chemical deodorant Toilet, toilet As mentioned above, Power EZN is extremely safe.

1:20 ratio to deodorize and create a light fragrance. Used to remove stains on fabrics, carpets, cushions …. Only organic dirt, of course!

You can use it for sewers, landfills, manholes, septic tanks…. But with a higher dosage is to pour 1 liter of solution directly, maintain 100-200ml every 2 days.


A chemical that is used a lot in hospital rooms, hotels, changing rooms, train stations, buses, etc. Contains many active ingredients to increase the ability to deodorize and kill bacteria. As well as keeping the natural fragrance for a long time.

However, use it carefully, because it is quite toxic. Spray mist directly in the ratio 1:5 with water into the hospital room (without people) or bus, toilet…. Cleaning bathroom floors, walls with 1:80 ratio. Wash carpets and foot pads at a ratio of 1:120.

Top 10 best deodorant chemicals for Toilets and toilets - 3


Vim is one of those heavily advertised products. It is usually bottled in small bottles for household use. However, it is also used in cans and crates for businesses.

You can spray directly on damp, moldy areas such as toilets and floors. Wait 10-15 minutes and spray, scrub clean with white water. Vim currently has many extremely pleasant scents you should pay attention to.

Chempro FRESH – USA

Helps to quickly deodorize, kill bacteria at the root 99%. Accompanied by the ability to keep the scent for a long time for the space. Chempro FRESH – M is widely used for public toilets, hospitals, landfills, sewers….


EcoClean is true to its name, extremely clean and economical. With ingredients containing billions of facultative and anaerobic microorganisms. Helps to process animal fat and oil scum very well.

Therefore, EcoClean is often used in sewers, trenches and landfills. Helps to treat toxins in ponds, lakes, rivers and streams…


Hando is a kind of tablet substance. Helps to deodorize simply in the toilet and especially the urinal. You can put one tablet in the flushing system. It will dissolve and disinfect surfaces extremely well.

Top 10 best toilet and toilet deodorant chemicals - 4

Hope with the samples Chemical deodorant Toilet, toilet above. You will choose a suitable product, bringing the best effect to your family and work.


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